Innovative Merchant Services cannot be trusted. The background on this is we had a charge come through that we thought was fraudulent.

Because of this, we refunded the payment and cancelled the transaction. A week after we refunded the payment, Innovative attempted to charge our account a SECOND time for this charge. They billed an old bank account that had been out of service for many years rather than the account they had been depositing funds into for YEARS. It turns out that Innovative managed to LOSE our current account information (after all these years of depositing into that account) - so they put a hold on all our funds and start demanding paperwork to restore the account information.

We supply all of this, INCLUDING my personal social security number.

They then manage to LOSE all this paperwork, putting me at risk of identity theft - and so far have refused to release almost a month's worth of credit card charges.

I would look elsewhere if you are considering a credit card processor. If a financial institution cannot keep track of it's own accounts, and cannot keep your information protected - it is time to go elsewhere.

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