Dozens of unsuspecting job seekers who apply for employment through the internet are falling into a trap. They are enrolled in a training program where they are led to believe they can become business consultants. The company, Innovative Merchant Solutions, through King of Prussia's Legacy Concepts,recruits and trains young men and women to persuade small business operators to upgrade their electronic payment transactions.

What the new trainees do not know is that most cities and counties have ordinances regarding door to door solicititations.

Earlier this week, a group of IMS business consultants were detained by Police after a storekeeper complained about a sales presentation. A candy store merchant, who had been given a sales pitch, was informed he could save money from the overcharges he was paying by enrolling in IMS; however, he had to supply his social security number, tax number, and other business priviledge information.When he declined, the IMS representative refused to return the completed application form by ripping the form in many pieces.The shopkeeper insisted he receive his personal data which was extracated from the discarded pieces by the IMS representative.

IMS is cutting corners. They are sending inexperienced recruits to generate business without following the proper channels. First, you need to issue identification cards, business cards or solicitation permits.

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They have a manager there who brags about being from NY. The reality is that she runs a flim flam organization.


just got a call from them. Woke me up and got me mad.

Ha. I might go to the interview and mess with the managers just to see what they do when I fire some educated questions at them.

Now that I think about it, why give them the time. Thanks guys for the heads up!!!


This is what so great about our country. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I worked with legacy for 3months and a wk. The only reason I am not there now is because my parents had to move back C.A. My experience with legacy was very challenging and rewarding at the same time. I was taught how to help business owners with their finances.

As crazy as that may seem I thought to myself, I spent time with hard working business owners who don't have the time or knowledge in this area of their business. I was paid for all my hard work and rewarded with traveling experience as well. No company was offering me these opportunities right of college.

I can only speak for myself and my experience. Its challenging but it can be rewarding.


Legacy Concept call me with the same scam , thanks to the internet , im not going to the bogus interview , always check company name thru google with job scam in with company's name , works every time


Anyone conducting door to door solicitation has to contact the city for a permit.Failure to do so will result in a heavy penalty. Companies that do not observe this ordinance are endangering their reputation.


I must admit it they got me. I was told that all I had to do was follow their manager and learn the ropes.

What I found was anything but disaster. This company will have you put in 12 hours a day where you go in and out of businesses learning to make a make a sales pitch.

Top get 1 sale you have to be willing to visit 80 businesses.They do not offer any compensation.You basically work for free. This is worse than slavery.


I went for ajob interview and was disappointd. This company uses a multi level mscheme.

New employees are brain washed and never told money up front. The Governor of Pennsylavia should look into their illegal practices.

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