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Any and all considering setting up a merchant account in order to accept credit cards need to avoid Innovative Merchant Solutions the merchant account services attached to Quickbooks. This service is not what it appears. There are numerous undisclosed fees associated with this service, even more alarming is what I have just experienced twice in the last two weeks. Innovative Merchant Solutions has a clause where they can hold your money for an indeterminate period of time to do a "Verification Investigation". My first experience occurred two weeks ago when a regular customer made his monthly retainer payment to me using the online service that I subscribe to through Quickbooks. This took over a week to resolve even after I submitted all of the information that they requested within hours of receiving notice that the money was being held up for verification. It took about 20 phone calls to get information and then I was then told that I had exceeded my monthly limit that the account was set up for, now I've used this service for a year now, have consistently processed the same amounts for about 6 months now.

Now they are holding and refusing to process a $4,000.00 payment from a client who had confirmed to them that they accept the charges and are forcing me to do a return and have my client pay another way. Additionally they are charging fees for both the incoming and outgoing transactions not to mention the interest that they earn while holding the money.

I have never had a problem with this account and have never had a chargeback or a complaint from any of my clients at anytime. This is nothing more than a fee generating and interest gaining scam perpetrated against honest business owners. Please beware and choose another Merchant Account Processor!

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I just got off the phone with these people. I have refuse to send the documents they are asking for because I see no reason that they would need that sort of information.

They are currently holding a payment from the Dept. of Homeland Security to me.

After I told them to refund fund to my client and I would gladly notify Homeland Security of the issue they granted my request to release funds. We will see if it really happens.


After 2 years of transactions, we took a bad card from 1 customer. Innovative froze $5,000

without even a phone call.

When I called them to find out where my money was they informed me they were going to hold $6500 for a minimum of 270 days !!!! As of today, almost a year, and the people at IMS wont even call me back.

There "RISK Management" dept. are the WORST customer service group I have ever encountered


If you guys would like a different solution for your problems and you still want to use Quickbooks, please give us a call. we have a quickbooks plugin that will work on most versions of QB, the good thing you will not need to call India to get help with us.

We have no queues and no hold times. We also have no complaints on the BBB or on any of these types of sites. Please look us up We are a very ethical company.

If you have any questions you can always email me.


There sales people lie right to your face and then shake your hand. You sign a contract that has a clause in it that you agree to terms and conditions on their website that can be changed at any time.

Well guess what they change them and charge you a fee and then report it to the credit bureau.

This company is a total scam, and they are apart of Quickin and Quickbooks. Your taking a big change to use any of their products.


I have the same problem, have been using Innovative Merchant Solutions for 10 years, suddenly this past 2 months, aug. and sept.2009 they are holding over $10,000.00 dollars for a "security deposit" because we have had "chargebacks" that we have won.

My customers are demanding they refund the money back to them but Innovative merchant Solutions has told me they will not release the funds back to the customers.

I have called several times, left messages for supervisors or so I'm told they are and nothing, Freddie or Frederic is who I have working on my case and he is useless.

Stay clear of this company, I do not usually complain about companies, but this is crazy for them holding 10 thousand dollars and not getting calls returned, and telling you who I have the problem with is 1 way for me to put pressure on them to release my money to me or my customers.



They are not what their salespeople say they are. We were hooked up, not supposed to be, charged for new equipment that was "supposed to be free", never changed from our current services, yet charged almost $500.00, for services that were not used.

Also many promises made, none kept, and it cost us almost $ 300.00 just to cancel the service we never used!!!

The sales office that set this up is no longer open, and there is no way to recover the almost approx, $800.00 we are out! Do not use them!!!!!


Mr. Wronski,

I would like to try to help you.

(800) 516-6242 x4059

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