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I just got ripped off my innovative merchant solutions.

I was introduced to this company by another scam called "the auction teacher." They charged me $500 up front to set up a merchant account. I was unable to get an auction website through the auction teacher even after repeated calls and effort.

Nevertheless, the merchant account started billing me $20 every month just to maintain my account. I finally decided to close the account and was surprised to find out that they debited another $395 from my account, with sent my account to overdraft causing me to incur a whole series of unexpected charges. Innovative merchant solution would absolutely not bargain with me for the over $1000 that I wasted by subscribing to their services and never using it, not even once.

Innovative merchant solution is a total rip-off. Do not use it, no matter what.

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I feel your pain. I too recently have been scammed by auction teacher but not only that I signed up with this merchant account never used it and am paying 30/mth for the services because I cannot afford to pay the 385.00 to cancel right away.

by the time it is all said and done I easily will have paid out 1000.00 to the merchant. for services not rendered. Since Auction Teacher is not helping me create a website, therefore I don't need a merchant account online. Not to mention the thousands of dollars I put into starting up my own business online.

Buyers beware and if you are going to start an online business Learn how to do it yourself NEVER PAY someone to even help you. They will take your money and run.

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