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Don't ever deal with this company. They charge you a $295.- cancellation fee, which can be at any given time. Even if you deal with them for two years and decide to cancel, your bank account will be debited for $295.-

Their Agreement is "open-ended" meaning there is no stipulation of a term,

or a period or duration of the Agreement.

If ever you see a sales rep saying they are from Innovative Merchant Solutions, just show them the door, and ask them to please leave.

So never, ever deal with this company. Their sales reps will sweet talk you into signing; but don't ever make the mistake of signing!!

You will lose $295.-!!

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Webster, Massachusetts, United States #135305

Innovative Merchant Solutions is committed to providing excellent service to help our customers grow and succeed in their businesses. We operate in a very competitive business environment where customers have many choices in service providers.

We can only succeed in the long run by retaining our customers by providing a quality service, operating in a transparent manner and treating our customers fairly. We work very hard to help our customers understand merchant card processing roles and responsibilities and the fees associated with different types of transactions and events. We take care to describe merchant obligations in clear and unambiguous terms in our Merchant Application and Merchant Agreement. The Merchant Agreement is an important part of defining the obligations of the parties under the relationship.

We encourage and expect that merchants entering into such an important relationship to take appropriate time to understand their obligations under the relationship. It is in our best interests to ensure that our customers understand their obligations in processing electronic payments; unfortunately, in some cases our customers do not take the time to read and fully understand the commitments they make as part of establishing their merchant card processing relationship.

In a small number of these cases, this results in a customer's frustration over paying fees that are stated very clearly in the documents forming the business relationship. We actively seek customer feedback and we try to minimize potential customer misunderstandings by actively working to implement new and different ways to share information with our customers more effectively.


They are indeed a bad company to deal with but as I have learned take them to court. Depending on the amount small claims is good.

Get a judgement. They will scream but that is their problem you will get your money.


They are apparently an Intuit company and I would recommend you call the Intuit corporate office to file a complaint and also post on ireport on

Company information:

Intuit Inc.

Corporate Headquarters:

2632 Marine Way

Mountain View, CA 94043


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