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This company is the mob incorporated!!

They lie, cheat and steal money from you..all with a nicely concealed contract!

The only thing that they are innovative with is ways and means of taking your hard earn money!!! And they have no remorse or regrets about doing so.

If you venture to do business with this company you will need a lawyer to read the fine print and a lawyer to bail you out of the finance coffin they will put you in. You can never break free from will cost you anywhere from $295 to $395 to get out if ever, depending on how they feel that day! The left hand of the company appears not to know what the right hand of the company is doing or saying. Their fees are excessive and extensive and they could care less about your business let alone your financial well-being. So much for their much touted "customer Service"! Their supervisors and managers are trained in guarilla warfare and they don't hesitate to tell you what they are going to do with your money! If you like paying through the nose to being talked down to, lied to and screwed this is the company for you. If not, find a company with a Moral Compass this company has none!! They only operate on the bottom line....Theirs!!!!!


Atlanta, GA

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