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I am a small business owner/ operator out of Woodstock il. I was kicking around accepting credit cards what a mistake that was. the sales rep for this company was dishonest. He insisted that there was no charge if we didn't activate and he got his commission either way(what he meant was he will get our money either way).

after the first charge i called to see what was going on this person said no prob will reverse fee and close acct for no charge because no activate(I never opened an acct or authorised in first place). Needless to say i haven't seen any of my money back in fact they have charged me twice more.

This company has had nothing to offer but headache and theft,oh and the worst customer service in history on hold transfer on hold transfer rude ECT.

I know I am not the first to be taken by these people. So my question to you is how long do hardworking honest people let people make a living off our money we never said they could take. I work very hard to raise my family and i don't appreciate being stolen from. These people are stealing on a huge corporate level and how are we as Small business owners/ individuals supposed to take our money back. Between the banks and corporate lawyers our money is locked away. something needs to be done anyone with same issue we all can get together and be more affective in saying STOP TAKING MONEY THAT ISNT YOURS. My store is Blues Inspired contact me on facebook maybe we wont get our money back but we can sure stop it from happening to your friends, family, or just anyone NO ONE deserves this mess!!! GOD BLESS ALL YOU HONEST PEOPLE LEFT IN THE WORLD!!! GOD HAVE MERCY ON THE REST!!

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