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Update: It seems one person says one thing and another says something else. First person i spoke to said I would owe the $295 if I ever left and \"should have read what I signed\" the second person said \"I will not be charged.

Its just a deposit that will be refunded when the terminal is returned.\" Go figure. I could understand the deposit. that sounds reasonable enough. But why are they not telling there own staff to clarify and explain better?

I would still advise against this company. Any company that it takes two days just to get to speak to a rep who then gives me the wrong info is not worth my time

Original review posted by user Dec 06, 2011

After 2 days of being on hold (literally) I got to speak to someone who confirmed the online posts that they charge $295.00 to terminate. Its ongoing and is not just 'early' termination either.

This was never pointed out by their rep when i signed. Its apparently in the contract, and in a perfect world I would have seen that. But when someone is looking over your shoulder as you sign you tend not to read every small print of a massive contract.

You just figure that the rep would have mentioned it. and THAT is what they rely on.

Monetary Loss: $295.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1237954

I got tricked too and I know I am not the only one. I cancelled the service back in 2007, until today they still report me to the credit bureau.

It is still impacting my personal credit. This is such a scam. They do not disclose this very important piece of information. They tricked you into sign the contract.

This is unlawful.

We should all get together and start a class action lawsuit. This is affecting my credit for way too long and it has to stop.


this gets crazier with each week. Now I have spoken to 6 different 'account specialists' and each one has contradicted the last one.

Each one says its been waived now, and the next one I speak to says It hasnt. I am still no clearer on if I will be charged the $295 leaving fee. unbelievable. P.s.

The hold times are the same. Monday, Friday 8:00 am or 8:00pm you will never get through without being on hold 20 minutes

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