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Stay away from IMS - Innovative Merchant Solutions. I was deceptively talked into getting a quote on paper which turned out to be a contract for indefinitely.

When I called in to complain, they threatened me with a $375.00 cancellation fee. Then I received a call from IMS to collect money for a debit pin pad that I never received. After calling and complaining many times, they finally investigated and found out that they never sent me the pin pad. I demanded to get out of the contract but they refused.

Finally they agreed to a two year contract and told me I would not be charged a termination fee after two years and they agreed to waive the monthly statement fee. IMS also agreed to give me this in writing. After 12 phone calls, the supervisior finally picked up my calls and faxed over a letter but only stated the two year contract with free termination. I have to make 5 more calls to get them to fax over the letter stating NO STATEMENT FEES for the life of the contract.

Even after giving me this letter in writing, they still charged me the Statement Fee. When I called to request a refund, they said they cannot do anything about it unless I had proof. When I faxed over the proof, the customer service rep. told me she would discuss it with the supervisior.

I asked for a call back and she said she would try. I asked for refund after reviewing the faxed letter, she said she cannot promise me anything. I think this company is a scam. A friend of mine used them few years ago and she got scammed as well.

She was charged $375.00 dollars for cancelling after 3 years and then they still continued to charge her account $39.90/month for one year after that. Stay away from Innovative Merchant Solutions.

I think it's run by all family members since they all had the same last name in the faxes I received from them.

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I canceled my Innovative account on June 23, 2011, and on Juen 25, 2011, $295 was deducted from my business account. According to my agreement with IMS, it states there is no $350 termination fee after 6 months.

However when I called IMS today I was told there is a $250 termination fee after 6 months, and lasts to the end of the contracted services. In overview of thier website, I found this statement, "If Merchant has applied for credit card processing and the Merchant Account is approved by Bank, and if Merchant exercises its option to terminate this Agreement, then Merchant will pay to IMS a termination fee in the amount set forth in the Merchant Application.

If your Merchant Application references a "standard termination fee," a fee of $295 will apply upon your termination of services." BEWARE! The faxed application I received from their representative was in fine print and of course "standard termination fee" was discreetly stated in the contract.


They will drive you out of business. Risk dept decided a few weeks after approving our account(April 2009)that our business was questionable and decided to hold over $14,000 in sales for 270 days.

Customer service, especially risk department is very poor. They will almost never return calls. Anyway, 270 days is up. Expecting fund to be released soon.

Something has to be done about the business practices of this company. They make small businesses go backrupt.


I have another thing to add about this company. They don't process the same as other companies do. They process their fees separately. Meaning you can charge a customer $100 and get $100 but will have several other fees deducted from your bank account for their services. Its a nightmare!


Same thing here, Had our money for two weeks. Called them at least 20 times, some employees were helpful were others didn't have a clue about anything. Must of been told 20 different stories from 20 different people, all lies!! I have had enough. Just waiting for my money and then I'm gone. Having a merchant account shouldn't be this difficult. Beware of this company.




The same thing happened to me. I was charged 295 termination fee which was "waived" when I signed up.

Their customer service reps.

are most unprofessional. Do NOT deal with this company.


IMS will not hesistate to breach verbal agreements. They thrive on deceit and double talk.

They had agreed to waive annual and termination fees when trying to keep me from switching from them to PNC bank to handle my credit card services. When my business closed, I cancelled my account with them, they made no mention of the termination fee and then they sneakily deducted it from my bank account. To make matters worse, I see hoards of complaints against them on the Better Business Bureau website for similar issues.

IMS claims they do not charge termination fee when businesses close, this is a total lie! Bottom line, don't use IMS, it is not worth wading through their double talk, hidden fees and breached verbal promises!

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Thanks fotr the info i was about to register but when they asked for my bank info i thought twice. i appreciate the info.

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