There is no way out of their contracts without paying a $295 cancellation fee! Doesn't matter if you cancel after 1 year or 20 years your going to get hit with a $295 fee!

Don't use these guys!

Their customer service is extremely bad and my sales rep never responds to my calls.

I tried to cancel with them after 3 years and they told be it would cost $295. I asked when the contract was up and they said it never runs up, doesn't matter when I cancel or how long I am with them, it's going to cost $295!

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Webster, Massachusetts, United States #193406

When I cancelled after only 2 years, yes I had to send in a fax which I did and as a courtsey they waived my term fee. This company tried to work with me but I wasn't able to stay in business so they let me go and let me know I could reopen when I was ready...Great service!!!


We tried to cancel the credit card processing portion of this service over the phone. We called 10 months ago and they told us they could not cancel over the phone and that we needed to send a fax.

In this day and age, that is only a ploy to prolong the billing. We faxed the letter and my accountant just brought to my attention that they have been billing us for the last 10 months. With all the other processing fees, this one slipped under the radar as something else. When we called customer service at Innovative, everyone was rude and unhelpful.

They would not refund the money. Basically we feel cheated by this company. They make obstacles to close the account and then are unwilling to rectify their mistakes. It is capitalism at its worst.

Do not use. I will not consider using this company or it's affiliates again.

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