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Incredible!! this is one awful company..

We made a charge the charge went through on the customer's end. Innovative Solutions is still withholding our funds. When asked why they say they want our customer to call them.. Our customer is traveling and is not even from the U.S.

The charge was accepted by Amex but is being held.. Why? because this is our first charge?? Huh?

I cant even get anyone to assist me. I assume they prefer to keep the money for as long as they can. So, now we might lose this sale.

I have called everywhere and no one at that company even cares. They all sound like they are either uneducated or just plain arrogant.

Monetary Loss: $3235.

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This company did me the sameway. They are holding funds even after I reverse the transaction.

The customer service is the worst I have ever seen or dealt with in my life.

I dont see how this company remains in business. Im very thankful that they decided on doing this on my first transaction so now I can move on.


Exact same problem. They have initiated 3 "fraud investigations" of my charges, all for the same customer (our best customer, with whom we have an excellent relationship).

The charges are not disputed by the customer, in fact, he has called his card to tell them to accept our charges.

I think these fraud investigations are initiated solely by IMS on large dollar charges so they can hold funds for several days while collecting interest. This is a bad company.


Experienced the same thing. They will drive you out of business.

Risk dept decided a few weeks after approving our account(April 2009)that our business was questionable and decided to hold over $14,000 in sales for 270 days. Customer service, especially risk department is very poor. They will almost never return calls. Anyway, 270 days is up.

Expecting fund to be released soon.

Something has to be done about the business practices of this company. They make small businesses go backrupt.


I have seen many complaints of, & experienced first hand, this same exact problem with IMS. They held my authorized funds for 20 days before agreeing to not charge me if I refunded the customer. Of course, the product had already been long delivered, & this forced me to hope that my customer would pay in good faith. She exploited this processing problem, did not pay, and so I ran her card again. I'm prepared to settle this with IMS in court, as I feel that they bear some responsibility in giving the customer the opportunity to avoid payment. Am I crazy, or is this just common sense?

Anyone who knows of a current class action suit, or who has interest in joining one, please respond to

p.s.- they never did reimburse the fees as promised either

&p.p.s.- to those who complained of the rude risk mgt woman who sounds like a college dropout, I know exactly who you mean!! Sonya Lopez!

They need to decide if they are willing to process our legitimate & authorized transactions before approving the merchant acct & trapping us in these situations that, at best, cost us processing fees for absolutely nothing, and at worst, cost us payment altogether.

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