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Here are a couple of sites to help get enough people to see this issue in a broader audience. If they are enough people to voice their personal situation with this company perhaps there is a chance they might chance their questionable business practices.

Here are links already posted to these sites, you can comment or created your own individual posting.

Social media will change the way companys treat customers and expose them in ways they can not imagine.

Monetary Loss: $295.

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Webster, Massachusetts, United States #193404

So if was at the begining or in the middle would you have seen it...The end where you sign sounds that they weren't trying to hide anything. So it was clearly stated on a misleading contract so you saw the 395 just not the 295. Maybe we need glasses...


Filling a complaint with your Attorney General is very helpful too.


There are misleading contracts that do exist in the world and is one of them. It did clearly state the early termination fee of 395.00 but after that is where there was no specifics around the 295.00 fee after six months. All of this information was also in the fine print at the tailend of the application.


learn to read documents before signing them.

seems to be your fault and you're trying to pass the blame onto someone/thing else.

Classic case of buyer’s remorse and a typical way children vent. (temper tantrums)

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